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The Matair F10-F30 Nailer is a versatile pneumatic tool designed for various fastening applications in woodworking, carpentry, and construction projects. With its durable construction and high-performance motor, this nailer offers reliable and precise fastening for a wide range of materials and thicknesses. The F10-F30 is compatible with 10-gauge to 30-gauge nails, providing flexibility for different applications and fastening requirements. Its ergonomic design and lightweight construction ensure comfortable handling and reduced operator fatigue during prolonged use. The nailer features a depth adjustment dial for precise nail placement and a magazine capacity of up to 100 nails, allowing for efficient and uninterrupted operation. Whether you’re framing, roofing, or installing trim, the Matair F10-F30 Nailer delivers reliable performance and precise nail placement for professional-quality results.


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