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The Clamp Bar 858 is a versatile and robust clamping tool used for a variety of woodworking and metalworking applications. It features a durable construction with a bar-like shape, typically made of steel or other sturdy materials, and is designed to securely hold workpieces in place during cutting, drilling, or assembly processes. The Clamp Bar 858 is equipped with adjustable clamping mechanisms, such as screws or levers, that allow users to easily adjust the clamping pressure to suit different workpiece sizes and shapes. This type of clamp is commonly used in workshops, factories, and construction sites for tasks such as securing boards for cutting or joining, holding metal pieces for welding, or keeping parts in place during assembly. Its sturdy construction and adjustable design make the Clamp Bar 858 a reliable and versatile tool for various clamping needs.

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150MM, 300MM, 450MM


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