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HONER CYL 3 CLAW 30-90MM M006019


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The Honer Cylinder 3-Claw Puller, with a range of 30-90mm, model number M006019, is a versatile tool designed for efficiently removing cylinders, bearings, and other similar components. Its three claws provide a secure grip on the cylinder, ensuring a stable and safe extraction process. With its adjustable range of 30-90mm, this puller accommodates a variety of cylinder sizes, offering flexibility for different applications. Whether you’re working on automotive engines, machinery repairs, or industrial maintenance tasks, the Honer Cylinder 3-Claw Puller provides reliable performance and ease of use, making it an essential tool for professional mechanics and DIY enthusiasts alike.

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3 CLAW 30-90MM M006019, 3 CLAW 50-180MM M006020


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